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Royal Blue Self Design - Premium Dyed Linen Fabric LG-228

Royal Blue Self Design - Premium Dyed Linen Fabric LG-228

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Fabric Description

Shade No LG-228
Counts  60's Lea 
Compositions 100% Pure Linen
Colour Blue
Width 58" Inch 
Pattern Self Design
Shipping Max 1-3 Business Days of order been placed 
Wash Care
  • Hand and Machine wash.
  • Separate wash recommendable.


Self-design Linen Fabrics feature patterns or designs that are woven directly into the fabric during the weaving process. Made from the natural fibers of the flax plant, linen offers a crisp texture, breathability, and durability. The integrated patterns provide a textured and sophisticated appearance, ranging from subtle to bold designs. These fabrics are versatile, suitable for various clothing and home textile applications, and are known for their comfort in warm weather. Embracing the natural wrinkles adds a relaxed charm, and the fabric is cared for through damp ironing if a smoother look is desired.

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